Cayuse, Inc.

The whole process was straightforward and made the application process significantly less stressful than previous electronic submissions.


Cayuse Research is a set of integrated, Web-based software modules that deliver flexibility and control in research administration. The suite delivers out-of-the-box functionality and low total cost of ownership. Cayuse Research offers user-configurable solutions, fast deployment, and immediate productivity, one module at a time or as a complete set.

Licensed from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Cayuse Research modules deliver best-of-breed software architecture to the research administration domain. All modules are pre-integrated for real-time data sharing, and can be used singly or in any combination. Delivered as a hosted service, modules can be deployed quickly with minimal IT overhead.

  • Cayuse 424: Prepare, review, approve and submit grant proposals with the industry's most popular and cost-effective Web-based solution. The choice of over 80 organizations of all sizes, Cayuse 424 is the best-of-breed solution for proposal development and electronic submission.
  • Cayuse SP: Gain flexibility and control over the pre-award and post-award lifecycle in Sponsored Projects operations. Manage proposals, certifications, submissions in pre-award; monitor and track activity and compliance through the life of projects and awards. Generate workflows and communications to match your business processes.
  • Cayuse IRB and Cayuse IACUC: Ensure compliance in research involving human or animal subjects with software solutions designed specifically for IRB and IACUC business processes. Manage and track applications and studies from initial submission, through multiple review cycles, modification, approval and renewal. Manage multiple committees, meetings, agendas and communications. Customize online application submission forms to match your institution's routing and workflow requirements. Centralize and control all documents, decisions and history for each study.
  • Cayuse AC: Manage census, track inventories, and control costs in live animal labs and vivariums.
  • Cayuse COI: Manage annual conflict of interest disclosures; customize forms and routing consistent with institutional policies. When integrated with Cayuse SP, route and manage transactional disclosures for each member of the research team for each proposal.
  • Cayuse TechTransfer: Manage the commercialization of your organization's intellectual property portfolio. Track costs and tasks associated with patent portfolios, licensing, contracts. Automate marketing and promotional materials associated with licensed IP.

Cayuse Research modules are hosted solutions, requiring minimal customer IT overhead and offering quick deployment. The modules are pre-integrated to share data between relevant business processes, and to promote visibility and collaboration between research administrators, compliance officers and others.